Fully automatic operating Systems with Centrifuges

for industrial applications
Kontinuierlich beschickte Zentrifugen

By a robot or a transport unit, the material deposited in drums or perforated boxes is transported step by step through the stations of the system. Numerous processes can be realised in these universally applicable systems. They can be used for drying, for coolant recovery, for washing and rinsing and for coating. Here you will find a list of the relevant types of centrifuges and systems.


ROBOT-POLAR - the universally applicable system by many combination possibilities. Several machines of different types are placed in a row. The material containers are automatically transferred by the "transportation facility".

Key data

  • Batch operation: max. 6-10 batches / hour
  • max. filling-weight / batch: 500 kg
  • drum capacity max. 500 Liter

Industrial Centrifuges type HYDRO-POLAR E

The automatic batch centrifuge

Key data

  • Batch operation: max. 10 batches / hour
  • max. filling-weight / batch: 300 kg
  • drum capacity max. 120 Liter