Swarf Crushers

for crushing long and clustered swarf
Swarf Crusher for crushing long and clusterd swarf

Short, free-flowing swarf is a requirement for efficient coolant recovery and drying of the metal swarf. Steimel swarf cruchers are used to crush long and clustered swarf. Here you will find a list of the relevant types of machinery.

Swarf Crushers type RS

Crushing of large swarf is a requirement for automatic swarf processing and cost-efficient transport.

Key data

  • max. 8 t / hour (depending on swarf type)
  • option "E" for solid part release system

Swarf Crushers type RS K

The compact swarf crusher for crushing long swarf as a requirement for the automatic swarf processing and for cost-effiecient transport.

Key data

  • max. 500 Liter / hour (depending on swarf type)